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How Salesforce Field Service Apps and DPA Drive Increased Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

May 19, 2021 Danny Y

Salesforce’s sophisticated Field Service Management (FSM) tools add capabilities for teams and customers in real-time integrating a wide range of applications and commonly used functionalities.

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A significant portion of today’s workforce is mobile. We’re not just talking about laptops and lattes. We’re talking about field services - technicians, sales representatives, and other field management team members who are working directly on mobile devices, integrated into cloud and enterprise systems. At the same time, they are face to face and interacting with customers. 

These customers are exposed daily to streamlined digital services from a growing number of businesses. They expect nothing less from every company they work with, whether that’s easy bank deposits on their phones or updates about when technicians are expected to arrive. Great customer service and experiences aren’t differentiators in today’s consumer-driven commerce; they are the ante into the game. 

The good news is that providing excellent customer experience through field services is not only possible, but it’s also well within reach. With 49% of workforces using handheld devices or mobile phones as their primary tool for communication, your teams are already holding the key to customer service and increased revenue in the palm of their hands. 

Salesforce provides easy, customizable tools for field services and sales teams that feed directly into the CRM your company already uses. 

Through the Lightning experience, Salesforce’s sophisticated Field Service Management (FSM) tools add capabilities for teams working in the field and with the customer in real-time that integrate and work with the myriad of other applications and functionality you are likely already using within the platform. 

What makes Salesforce’s FSM tools even more powerful is marrying them to automated processes. Leveraging digital process automation (DPA) with FSM creates a mix of services that is unparalleled in elevating customer experiences and unrivaled in revenue generation and recovery.

What are Field Service Apps and How Does DPA Help?

Field services and sales are fraught with complications. Scheduling and dispatching, inventory visibility, communication, and order processing are just a few of the tasks that need to be handled on any given day by an organization’s mobile and integrated systems. On top of that, managing all of those people and processes well and efficiently can be the difference between a great customer experience and one that results in a negative review or a lost customer. 

Field Service Management is intended to change that. FSM provides a set of tools available on common mobile devices - like smartphones and tablets - that provide flexibility, clarity, and communication wherever a team is and whenever needed. This expands far beyond calling a customer to alert them to a delay or creating an invoice. FSMs can keep the flow of customer engagement going smoothly, provide management tools, and offer real-time data at the point of contact. 

Salesforce is focusing on the development and expansion of its field services offerings to meet the $3.5 billion FSM market. With such a large potential market and the accessibility of FSM through the Salesforce platform to a wide range of businesses, it’s crucial that manufacturers and service providers elevate their field sales and service tools beyond the basics if they want to become the leaders in their industry. 

Adding in digital process automation (DPA), which by definition is intended to improve customer experiences, can streamline nearly every point of the field service and sales process, from customer interactions to back-office operations. Whether it’s the handoffs from technicians to managers to finance and fulfillment, notifying field sales teams of inventory levels and delays, or dynamically re-routing resources to provide emergency services without disrupting a dispatcher’s schedule, DPA is the perfect addition to field management applications. 

Salesforce already includes the tools and services to enable FSM and DPA quickly and efficiently. IT also provides the connective tissue (MuleSoft) to ensure that they can be seamlessly integrated, giving organizations the greatest advantage.

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“Leveraging digital process automation (DPA) with FSM can help you create a mix of services that is unparalleled in elevating customer experiences and unrivaled in revenue generation and recovery.”

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