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Recharge patient acquisition practices with Salesforce health cloud

Jan 31, 2020 Parth Patel

This case study highlights the first step in the Patient engagement journey – Patient acquisition and retention

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In previous posts, I have outlined the advantages of Patient 360 and how the Salesforce health cloud can help reimagine the patient engagement experience.

Today, I wanted to share a case study on how you can use the Salesforce health cloud on the first step of the process i.e. acquisition of patients.

Problem: Patient Acquisitions and conversions

With the increased patients’ expectations that are more aligned with consumerism- you can use the Salesforce health cloud to capture and engage leads at every stage of the patient engagement journey. The key is to develop a deeper relationship with the patient using the Salesforce health cloud. For providers and healthcare organizations to stay competitive and attract new patients and referrals, it has become necessary to find ways to generate a constant stream of patients that go beyond traditional channels. With multiple channels that include physician referrals, digital marketing, and traditional ads, it is essential to capture and engage all leads.

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“You can build trust and make great impressions every time by making personalized recommendations.”

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