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Reimagine the customer experience post Covid-19

Jul 17, 2020 Parth Patel

Finding the right blend of transparency and support is critical to managing post- Covid-19 customer engagement

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Reimagine the customer experience post Covid19

The pandemic stricken global population is struggling to deal with the political, financial, and economic fallout of Covid-19. While we navigate these uncharted waters, more than ever before it is critical for businesses to work with and for their customer base.

By far, most businesses have risen to the challenge admirably and shown that they are invested in their customers. As highlighted in this article by McKinsey & Company, it is the mark of a true leader who can pull their team together at this critical hour and take decisions that are optimistic and show empathy. 

The lists of companies and initiatives to support each other is long and increasing every day. Such stories inspire confidence and help us stay motivated.

These are some of the guiding principles that companies have used to stay relevant in these times.

Stay tuned to the customers’ needs

It is important to remember that this pandemic has affected everyone in varying degrees. Rather than spend the time in marketing gimmicks to boost sales, it is the right time to listen to what the customers are saying. Tune in to your social media networks and see the sort of problems customers currently face. If there are ways in which you as the company can make some processes easier for them, now is the time to invest in such measures. Comcast, Babel, Audible, Google, and Zoom are some of the companies that came forward with deals to help parents support their children move to in-home learning when the stay at home orders was issued in March. 


Showcase your credibility

Social media channels have been the primary source of connection during these times. People have shared their problems as well as uplifting stories of how someone went above and beyond the ordinary to help people maintain normalcy in their lives. Actions that show that you care for the people around you are a great way to reinforce your commitment to the community.

This is an important time to stay true to your brand’s core values and brand offerings. Examine if your actions reflect that ideology. Stay honest to your customers and do not compromise on your credibility with false promises. Joanne Fabrics gave out free supplies and support to communities to help them stitch the cotton face masks that were a critical need of the hour at that peak of the crisis.

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“By far, most businesses have risen to the challenge admirably and shown that they are invested in their customers.”

  • Parth Patel
  • CEO
  • Six Consulting, Inc.

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