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Salesforce Lightning vs Classic

Apr 12, 2019

Salesforce Lightning is the new UI with added features

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Over the last year, more and more of our clients have approached us for more information about the Salesforce Classic vs Lightning experience. Companies are trying to understand whether the Lightning experience is something that they really need or can pass over for the time being. As with every technology developed to boost productivity, there is no standard answer to that question. Each company uses Salesforce differently – right from the customizations on Sales cadences to their use of Sales Cloud Einstein.

To start out with, let us look at the key components of the lightning experience that make it definitely a force to contend with. 

What is the Salesforce Lightning experience 

The Salesforce lightning experience promises to help enable anyone build apps faster using simple drag and drop tools and extend the use of your CRM system to allow the Sales team perform more efficiently. 

Salesforce lightning has offered many new cloud-based features and a new user-interface with this release. With a visually effective re-alignment of the user panel, it aims to make the tools easily accessible to Sales representatives freeing their time from routine tasks and focus on achieving better sales results

As per the 2017 Lightning Adoption Survey, productivity for users has increased by 41%- this is mainly because of multiple benefits that are available in the lightning mode which were previously not available in Salesforce Classic.

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“Making the decision between Salesforce Classic and Lightning is a personal decision based on your company's processes and what you expect from your CRM system”

  • David Westberry
  • Salesforce Certified Architect
  • Six Consulting, Inc.

time saved on building customizations

10 hours

time saved per week per employee

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