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Showing the Value of Salesforce Lightning - 4 Case Studies

Mar 01, 2021 Danny Y

Explore beyond the numbers and see how Salesforce Lightning has given these businesses the opportunity to boost their operations.

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In 2018, Salesforce turned to Forrester research to understand the true impact of upgrading to Salesforce Lightning. The research firm produced a Forrester Total Economic Impact Study™ that found that the Lightning platform drives productivity gains and an ROI of 341%.

The numbers in the report are impressive. But for many, they are also theoretical. It’s nice to know that Forrester could extrapolate value from their research, but what about actual companies? 

With five years of production time under its belt, it turns out there are many businesses that can share the gains they’ve seen thanks to Salesforce and the Lightning platform. Below are just a few of these. 

Airline Reduces Systems to Give Single Customer View

Southwest Airlines is the picture of a success story. Founded 50 years ago in Texas with only four planes, the company is one of the most successful air carriers in the United States, with more than 4,000 flights a day. Southwest prides itself on excellent customer service, but it was challenging to deliver with customer service reps needing to access 15 different systems to get the full view of the customer. With Salesforce, the customer service team can get all of the information they need within a single application.


Salesforce Lightning helps the air carrier continue the high bar of customer service that they have set for themselves. Thanks to the Service Cloud’s In-App Chat, customers can get help at any time from almost anywhere, even while in flight. This has led to more than 30% of calls being shifted to chat and allows customer service agents to service more than one customer at a time. Future plans include chatbot integration, giving customers the ability to self-serve for simple questions and actions, allowing agents to dedicate more time and attention to more complex customer issues.

Digital Industrial Leader Increases Sales and Revolutionizes Field Services

With global customers in verticals like critical infrastructure, transportation, and utilities, ABB’s technology is powering the future of industrial digitization with the help of Salesforce. ABB’s 147,000 employees need to be agile when dealing with shifting customer needs and demands, allowing the company to go from more than 100 CRMs in their global operations down to a single customer service a complete view with Salesforce Customer 360.

 That’s just the start of the success that ABB sees with Salesforce. They are also using the platform to drive inspired customer engagement thanks to the collaboration between field service reps and ABB’s sales team. When a field-service team member notes an opportunity for improvements or maintenance, they can easily pass that information along to a salesperson who can pick up the conversation from there. It makes sales highly customizable and meaningful for the clients and profitable for ABB.

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“Salesforce Lightning enhances solutions that can help increase sales, revolutionize field services and harness the power of IoT.”

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