Salesforce Health Cloud

Enhance your patients’ health outcomes with actionable insights that revolutionize patient care.


The world of healthcare is complex and ever-changing. We’ll help you use your tech to make sense of this complexity – creating a seamless platform that both patients and healthcare practitioners enjoy using. 


  1. Patient ­­­360-degree view:Access a 360-degree view of patients with access to patient records, health timelines and engagement data.


  1. Intelligent care-team collaboration: Create personalized care plans for patients and develop a priority list for at-risk patients using advanced patient segmentation tools.


  1. Smooth patient engagement: Easily connect with patients and their care teams to provide support over a wide range of platforms, at any time and any place.


  1. Streamlined patient acquisition and onboarding: Access the power of open APIs and configuration options on the Health Cloud to smoothly move patients coming in from multiple channels through the enrollment process and assign them to case managers.
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Healthcare industry at crossroads

The healthcare sector, like every other has experienced a wide range of drastic changes in expectations of patients as well as solutions available to enable them to take charge of their own health. Wearable health monitoring devices, streamlining of healthcare with Electronic Health Records (EHR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has revolutionized diagnostic abilities as well as chatbots that have paved the way for easy access to expert advice for patients.

Customer relationship management (CRM) was once thought to be a purely sales function. Today, we find that it’s got an increasing use in every step in the buyer’s journey.

In the healthcare industry especially, these intelligent technology solutions help unlock a unified view of the patient’s entire health journey allowing doctors to chart a purely personalized journey that will meet their specific need.

With the power of Salesforce, the ‘Age of the Patient’ has arrived that promises to keep the patient’s health needs as the focal point of each interaction.

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Needs of the healthcare industry

360-degree patient view

Salesforce healthcare solutions offer a special 360-degree view of the patient’s record. It is possible for the caregiver to access a single view of the patient directly from the console.

Empowered with patient records, health timelines and details of patient- care-giver engagement, it is possible to offer personalized support to help patients take charge of their health.

Patient-centric care is brought to the forefront with a transparency that allows people to focus on their own health and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Wearable devices and apps help track real-time data that is proving useful in developing a complete picture of the user’s health leading to better diagnosis and results.

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Salesforce healthcare solutions

Healthcare solutions are now geared towards a patient centric approach rather than a provider-focused environment.

Thanks to the world’s #1 CRM platform, it is possible to draft an integrated patient story that encompasses caregivers and patients in solutions that lead to better clinical outcomes.

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