How we increased productivity by over 80% with process automation

The challenge

One of the leading healthcare organizations was in need of a drastic modernization of its practices which hadn’t changed much for more than the 100 years it had been serving the community. The medical procedures offered were in step with the latest technologies, however, the backend systems and patient information were not connected. This resulted in a huge loss of man-hours on routine tasks such as budget approvals.   

Management was unable to predict and track down bottlenecks in the approval process or collaborate with other leaders for the important information related to Operational, Salary and Capital Budgets. In a sector where man hours and accuracy of information is critical, they urgently needed a more efficient way to manage this process. At the same time, they needed to empower their Finance and Leadership teams to take informed decisions while at the same time, reducing the time burden of completing repetitive tasks. 

The approach

It was important to understand their current manual processes, including using Excel spreadsheets and other procedures that could be more easily streamlined through intuitive systems.

It was also crucial to understand the various stages of approval processes, change management and collaboration required, along with timelines, reminders and notifications.  

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The solution

Our first task was automating the Finance team's excel sheets. Workflow automation was established depending on the steps required for each project and the user mapping we set up ensured that the appropriate roles and permissions were provided for each team member.

We also created a collaborative framework to improve communication within the organization and built an intuitive system that provided real-time data and reporting as well. Each team member had a customized view based on the data they needed to work with.

Today, the organization has a modern, super-efficient system that enables employees to access information when needed. We reduced project turnaround times and the cost of man hours by more than 20% compared to the start of the project. That was only the start of our collaboration with them, as we continue to work together to make sure the system remains scalable to meet their growing needs.

In a nutshell

  • Client:
    Healthcare Organization
  • Project:
    Process and workflow automation
  • Duration:
    6 months
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increase in efficiency

“Replacing manual processes with automation is a sure-fire way of saving money as well as improving processes for better outcomes.”

  • David W
  • Sr Technical Architect
  • Six Consulting

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