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We design and build Salesforce solutions to work in your world.

  • Salesforce Consulting

    Empower your business with scalable Salesforce consulting solutions designed for you.

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  • Industry Expertise

    We expertise in building perfect solutions which help our clients achieve their strategic goals from problem discovery until project delivery.

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  • Why Six?

    We rethink and shape technologies to work in your world.

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The future of the patient experience is remote patient care

Healthcare shifting to greater virtualization brings with it a host of benefits for providers and the patient experience. Remote patient monitoring leads the way to offering better outcomes and expanded care access.

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Salesforce manufacturing with Six Consulting

Empower your business with intuitive, scalable Salesforce solutions designed just for you.

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Manufacturing Client Transforms Trial Management with Salesforce

Manufacturers can now simplify their extensive trial processes to introduce new products, evaluate new materials, enhance or improve existing products, and heighten customer satisfaction.

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