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We are proud of the SharePoint Workflow solutions in the health insurance sector

The challenge

Blue Cross and Blue Shield have been providing health insurance for a very long time. After their merger in 1982, these companies combined either directly or indirectly insure nearly 100 million citizens of the country.

With such a large client base to cater to, they have over 80 million patient histories that need to be compiled into a readable and recognizable format. It is critical to have this data in a format that can be used to analyse the information and clinical practices. Dealing with such a large data pool is a challenge. All the information needs to be stored in an easy to access spot and in a format that can be used by users easily.

The approach

It was essential to ensure that information could be saved and accessed by multiple users at the same time. There was a need for a user-friendly system that would be easy to use and maintain. Critical real-time reports were essential for information that could be utilized for quick decision making. The availability of information allows for analysis of data to understand trends and streamline the planning system.

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The solution

We looked at the whole system and understood the manner in which the information was collected and stored. Users needed to enter the data which could then be saved and digitized. There was also a need to ensure that multiple users from different facilities should be able to use the system at the same time.

Using SharePoint Workflow as the content management platform, we designed a system that was easy to use and gave the users information in a format that they could be comfortable with.
Now, Blue Cross Blue Shield have a system that can generate real time reports with information that can be utilized for quick decision making. The statistical data also helps them to analyse trends and make it easy for the top management to take steps to improve their functionality.
The users now have the information they need to conduct any studies about trends etc. They can also access information about clinical practices and review the data as required. It is also possible to search for patient histories quickly.
With all this information at their disposal, they are now in the position to analyse patterns in insurance claims, any health issues of the patients etc.

In a nutshell

  • Client:
    Healthcare industry
  • Project:
    Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Duration:
    6 Months
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increase in user adoption

“Having access to real-time data enables users to make quick decisions that can result in higher returns.”

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