Simplifying team work

Our robust solution using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 as base for the transportation industry helped teamwork, reduce costs and real time management decision making

In a nutshell

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    Public works
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    1 year
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    Redesign SharePoint shared services that work effectively

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The challenge


HNTB, one of the top 20 architectural and engineering firms in the United States has been a pioneering firm in its sector for over a 100 years. They believe in giving their customers the best services and work with highly specialized construction software to meet their goals.
However, with the large workforce engaged in operations nationwide, there was an urgent need to ensure that all the teams were working on the same page. Lack of effective communication and collaboration was affecting their performance.

The company needed a solution that would help with scheduling their commitments, oversight and project requirements and provide the management with real-time data they could use. It was also critical to ensure that internal project management and scheduling was streamlined.

The approach

We conducted extensive one-to-one discussions with the team and analysed their present state vs their expectations.We realized that the company needed a robust solution that would solve all their problems. It was also essential to provide easy-to-use interfaces, with highly simplified end-user processes to ensure that all the users would feel comfortable using the application.


The solution

With Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 as a base, we were able to create a solution that answered all of their needs. Cumbersome manual processes were eliminated and verification procedures could now be completed in minutes instead of days.
The overall efficiency of the teams was enhanced and inter-team coordination was vastly improved.


increase in efficiency and turnaround times

“WIth SharePoint solutions it is possible to improve efficiency and inter-team coordination”

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