November 22, 2019 Parth Patel

Empower your business with scalable Salesforce consulting solutions designed for you

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Let the Salesforce experts at Six Consulting design customized solutions that are as unique as your business. Our team of 100+ Salesforce professionals have worked with a wide range of projects over the past 10+ years that can help you harness the power of Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that will help you redefine your processes for higher efficiency.

Salesforce CRM solutions are the best fit for organizations that are looking for solutions that allow for an easy and effective method to connect with customers and engage team members to boost productivity. As the #1 CRM solutions providers worldwide, their intuitive programs make your data work for you and your business more attuned to customer requirements and needs.

Salesforce offers reliable, secure cloud-based CRM applications for sales, service, and marketing functions. Salesforce solutions make it easy to drive revenue through a seamless integration of sales, marketing, and collaboration tools that are designed for you. With powerful solutions that can proactively support marketing teams using predictive forecasting right through the prospect to the sales cycle. Salesforce also simplifies business processes through custom applications that can automate a wide range of processes, increase productivity and support innovation. With the security and support from the Salesforce Cloud, it’s not hard to see why Salesforce is the leading CRM solutions provider.

At Six Consulting, our expertise lies in our ability to leverage these ‘Out of the Box’ solutions and design applications that fit within your specific budgetary and time constraints and allow you to experience the power of smooth workflow processes and enhanced user experience.

Salesforce CRM solutions that are designed for you:

Sales and Service Cloud

With the power of Salesforce technology, your team will be equipped with cutting- edge analytics to help them handle the entire sales process – from identifying prospects to converting potential leads into customers.


Marketing Cloud

With the advantage of the integrated Sales and Service Cloud, each touchpoint with your customer can be monitored to deliver a unified and streamlined service overall.


Einstein Analytics

Unleash the power of cutting edge Business Intelligence Analytics with Salesforce Einstein. You can integrate multiple functions as well as customize data extraction as per your needs.



Free your marketing teams with Pardot. It is the latest marketing automation tool that can help reduce almost 50% of repetitive actions involved in the marketing process thus saving you time and taking advantage of your sales team’s expertise.


Data Migration

Every business has dealt with this dilemma at some point in their growth cycle. Migration of data is not only time consuming but can also turn out to be expensive if not done right the first time.  Salesforce understands these challenges and makes it easier to implement this critical process efficiently for optimal results.


Application Development

Salesforce allows for easy integration with other application development tools such as Angular JS, Backbone, and Ember for easy customization and configuration across the board.


Mobile solutions

Studies show that an increasing majority of people use their mobile devices to access everything from banking to communication, news, business, and even entertainment. Salesforce mobile solutions can help you improve customer engagement as well as make better-informed decisions that will result in higher sales revenues and customer satisfaction.


“Salesforce is the #1 cloud-based CRM solutions provider because of its intuitive and powerful solutions that deliver results every time.”

  • Parth Patel
  • CEO
  • Six Consulting, Inc.

Salesforce worldwide CRM market share (2018)

$48.2 b

worldwide spending on CRM software