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Technology and Employee engagement

 Technology has changed the way the workplace functions. The ancient methods of evaluating and motivating employees through annual reviews and monetary compensations no longer work in creating a truly engaged workforce. Highly engaged work forces deliver 147 percent higher which are reflected in company revenues.

 HR Managers are no longer restricted to capturing data and evaluating performances. Most organizations are realizing the fact that work culture and engagement play a critical role in ensuring higher earnings and staying ahead of the competition. Data supports the need for investment in this critical HR function. It is alarming to see that in the recent reports issued by Gallup, 51% of the US workforce is not engaged while 16% are actively disengaged. On the other hand, an engaged workforce can result in a 24 % improvement in quality and a reduction in absenteeism.

 Before we analyze the data, we need to understand what Employee Engagement actually means. Forbes defines Employee Engagement as: Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.


Collaboration that works for you

 What this means is that employees need more than a paycheck at the end of the month to stay engaged. With the right acknowledgement and recognition of their efforts it is possible to create a team that works towards the common goals of the company.  

Solutions like Salesforce Chatter can offer intuitive and exciting employee engagement programs that will result in higher employee productivity and engagement.

 If you are looking to boost your team productivity and earnings, connect with us for solutions that deliver.


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