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67% of customers are now ‘serial switchers’ due to poor customer service

Aug 30, 2019 Parth Patel

Improving customer service is a must to grow your business

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Working to create a credible and reliable brand image depends on much more than your actual offering. Research shows that poor customer service costs businesses around $75 million in losses.  However, on the flip side, around 86% were willing to continue business if there were an emotional connection with a customer service agent.

The fact remains indisputable - Customer loyalty is directly proportional to overall customer experience. Several components go into the crafting of a customer journey. It starts with the product and its uses that appeal to the customer. The next step is the price point and further on come the packaging and marketing. Appealing to an individual or a group of people with a common purpose is the ideal way to build an interest in a product.

The journey just begins here. Next follows the uphill task of sustaining this interest. The success of any business rests in its ability to not only maintain this brand loyalty but to these loyal customers bringing in more people to join their tribe so to speak.

All of us have certain brands that are our ‘go-to’ resources. We rely on them for their quality, comfort level in using the product and its results, price among other points. However, 90% of customers remain loyal to a brand due to their customer service experience.

In today’s anonymous world of online shopping, human interaction can be eliminated- if one prefers it that way. The surge in this trend can be attributed to several factors:

-No waiting lines

-Ease of browsing and selection of items

-Discounts and deals

-Comfort of shopping in your own space and pace

-Attractive social media messaging – videos, customer reviews and other engaging posts that further drive the usability of the product.

-Easy returns process in case of brands that offer a clearly defined returns policy

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“Ease of browsing and shopping and a lack of long lines along with a hassle- free returns policy are the key drivers in online shopping.”

  • Danny Yehya
  • Salesforce Certified Architect
  • Six Consulting, Inc.
$75 million

loss due to poor customer service


brand loyalty due to friendly customer service

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