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Salesforce Summer 19 Release Notes: Top 20 Features

Sep 25, 2019 Sam Yehya

A recap of the top 20 features included in the release.

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Salesforce released a wide range of features in their Summer ’19 release notes. Top amongst them is the transition to the Lightning experience for all orgs in October 2019.

Lightning Experience Transition: Critical Update and Transition Tools- Salesforce is turning on Lightning Experience for all orgs. So now would be the time to prepare your org and users. Inbuilt tools such as the Lightning Experience Transition Assistant can assist you. As per current updates, Salesforce will enable the Lightning Experience by October 12, 2019.

Keep Record Context When Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience– Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience, will now take you the same page in Lightning Experience, as long as it already exists. In its absence, you will be redirected to your default landing page, that is determined by the org default or your customizations.

Power Up Your Related Lists with Enhanced Related– Salesforce now enables you to do more with your related lists. Enhanced Related Lists enables you to display up to 10 columns as well as resize and sort your columns, perform mass actions, and wrap text.

To access this function, you need to edit the record page and click on Related list component and change the Related list type to Enhanced List.

Search Picklist Fields in List Views– Manual selection of picklist values are no longer needed. The list view search now includes picklists in the query results. However, remember that it’s not possible to look for dependent picklists and picklists with translated values.

Zoom Through Related Lists with Quick Filters– Related lists are easier to browse through thanks to quick filters. It is important to note that these filters are different from regular list view filters as they aren’t saved, they cannot be shared and will persist only throughout your current session.

Choose from Two Record View Options– There is an option to select between two record page view default options. It’s possible to choose between the current view – now called Grouped view – and the new Full view. The full view displays all details and related lists on the same page.

To enable it, navigate to Setup | User Interface | Record Page Settings, then select the correct record page view for your org.

Keep Sales Quotas in Sight with a Few Clicks in Lightning Experience-  You no longer need to rely on Data Loader or the API when it comes to managing quota data. Now you can easily add and update quotas on the new Forecasts Quotas page in Setup.

Do More with Territory-Management Setup in Lightning Experience– As Object Manager includes Enterprise Territory Management objects, you no longer need to switch to Salesforce Classic to customize the feature. This doesn’t require any setup either. You can easily edit your Territory Model field labels and your Territory page layout without leaving Lightning Experience.

Generate Survey Invitations for Leads– You can now generate a unique survey invitation for a lead directly from the record by clicking Get Survey Invitation.

Assign Custom Colors to Hyperlinks– Defining hyperlink colors allow you to match your company’s brand guidelines. In Setup | Themes and Branding | select Use brand color in theme that you are editing.

Tailor Product Schedules to Your Business Processes– The sales team no longer needs to spend precious man hours managing complex payment and delivery cycles. With customizable product schedules to optimize schedule layout and buttons as well as custom fields, validation rules, and Apex triggers, there’s time left to spare for other important tasks.

This change applies to Lightning and Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce communities accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

View Engagement Activities in Related Lists (Pardot)– The asset record on Salesforce keeps track of all the people who have interacted with your marketing assets. Here you can find a related list of prospect activities on your asset records and click through to learn more. Admins can also add engagement history related lists to account, lead, contact, and person account records.

It can be accessed via the marketing link, marketing form, and landing page records. Click the Related tab to view it. This change applies to Lightning Experience in all Pardot editions with Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions.

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“The Salesforce Summer ’19 release did not disappoint with a lot of useful features such as: the ability to view Einstein predictions in formula fields, including images in email templates and letterheads, create and send surveys without a license amongst others.”

  • Danny Yehya
  • Salesforce Certified Architect
  • Six Consulting, Inc.

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