How We Work

Together we work collaboratively and imaginatively to create powerful, meaningful business technologies
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We are Six but there are four things that define how we work with you and each other


Do what it takes to make things happen

Insight is nothing without action. We’re a team of designers, technologists and analysts who work collaboratively and imaginatively to get things done. We take a fast and flexible approach to design, delivery and customization so you get exactly what you need when you need it – whether that’s a quick system fix or a complex migration.


Make the complex simple

What you do might be complex. The way people experience it shouldn’t be. We work hard to create systems and solutions that are beautifully easy to use by everyone who encounters them – your employees or your customers. We do the difficult work of removing the unnecessary and leaving only the essential so that what people see and experience is effortless and intuitive.


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Keep it real

We create systems that work in the real world. We speak human, not jargon. The people you meet in the beginning are the people you’ll work with day-to-day. We get to know you as individuals and we care about what you do. We’re on your side.

 Listen, understand, adapt, repeat

It’s your technology. It needs to work in your world. We take a collaborative, agile and flexible approach that works with your people, processes, and technologies. We listen and we adapt. We build systems and technology with the elasticity and longevity to grow and flex as your business does.

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