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5 reasons we love SharePoint

Apr 30, 2018 Parth Patel

If you are still debating whether SharePoint is for you, here are 5 reasons why we love working with SharePoint.

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 If you are still debating whether SharePoint is for you, here are 5 reasons why we love working with SharePoint.

Without doubt, Collaboration is the current buzzword in every business- big or small. And our team of experts at Six believe that no other tool does the work as well as SharePoint. There have been quite a few misconceptions about SharePoint ever since it was first launched.

To help you make a better choice, our team has jotted their top 5 reasons why you will love working with SharePoint just like we do.


Sharing that works

With teams now spread out globally, it is more important than ever to ensure a common platform where information can be shared real time with results that drive towards a central goal. Together with Office 365, SharePoint allows you to share all data, files and resources to boost productivity. Sites can be customized to meet your specific requirement for each project team or division.


Across devices

OneDrive gives you the flexibility to access your information from anywhere. All files are automatically synced to your desktop thus allowing you to access them offline as well. It is even possible to stream HD video on demand via the browser without downloading. Microsoft graph allows you the freedom to pick up from where you left off on any device you choose – Android, iPhone or Windows 10.


Stay informed

The intranet is a valuable tool that can assist in team collaboration. Employees are aware of the corporate messaging and can incorporate it in their work. Further, engaging the workforce and connecting them with expert resources and actionable insights will boost productivity. You will also see an upswing in organizational efficiency with streamlined processes and shared applications. With the help of SharePoint sites and Yammer, you can build communities of interest or practice.


Collective knowledge

With the collective power of Yammer, OneDrive, SharePoint and other sources, you can look for and find valuable internal resources at your fingertips at all times. The power of expert insights, senior management guidance and peer support will help your team enhance their performance.

Rejuvenate processes


With more than ten million custom lists being used across Office 365, you can power mission-critical business operations for small to large enterprises. Microsoft PowerApps gives you the flexibility to build custom forms to view, create and modify data and files. It can also help you create digital experiences that can take advantage of mobile phone cameras to provide innovative solutions. The simple visual designer in Flow can help you do everything from configuring alerts and approvals to modeling complex, multistage processes.


With all of these solutions and many more innovative ways to boost productivity, it’s no wonder that we love working with SharePoint.

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“SharePoint empowers teamwork and enables seamless transfer and collaboration across devices, anytime, anywhere.”

  • Sam Yehya
  • Vice President
  • Six Consulting, Inc.

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