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SharePoint stars in new reality show

May 31, 2018 Parth Patel

Get ready to binge watch the latest SharePoint reality makeover show! Wait. What?!

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Get ready to binge watch the latest SharePoint reality makeover show! Wait. What?!

In our last blog post we gave you 5 reasons why we love SharePoint. But like most technical concepts, it is hard to understand how the theory will really adapt to your individual needs and help revitalize your processes without actually implementing it.

Well, we have good news for all of you who are looking for a practical example of how that theory can be translated into practice.

In a new action packed, fun filled five part web series from Microsoft, three amazing Microsoft MVP experts help rework an international toy company- Funko’s intranet. This nail biting series is more remarkable for the fact that the MVP’s have just three days in which to work with the internal team and create a brand new SharePoint intranet that can be implemented throughout the organization.

The series will help you learn how Funko and Microsoft MVP’s dealt with these topics: 

-Shire information and help center = SharePoint hub site + communication site + news + Yammer

-Repeatable, collaborative workspaces = SharePoint team site + Microsoft Teams + info-rich pages

-Mobile truck transfer application for drivers= SharePoint list + PowerApps + Flow

-Managed, governable self-service site creation [IT] = SharePoint site designs & site scripting for a managed “Create site” experience from the SharePoint home in Office 365.

With this reality TV show, Microsoft has managed to make SharePoint engaging, exciting and relatable to users world-wide struggling with their own intranet problems.

The team at Six are excited to share this series with you and would love to get the conversation started on how you can create a more agile, user friendly and functional intranet that will take your teamwork to new heights.


 Check this post for more information on Funko, the Three Superhero Microsoft MVP’s and the series titled SharePoint Swoop- the intranet makeover show.



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