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How to Milk Salesforce Classic for as Long as Possible (and Why You Shouldn’t Do That)

Jan 29, 2021 Michael R, Danny Y & James D

Resisting the move to Salesforce Lightning is an excellent plan- until you run out of time to make the imminent move a successful one for your operations.

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If you’re still on Salesforce Classic, you’re probably getting a little tired of the hype.

“Everyone should move to Lightning.”

“Companies that have moved to Lightning are seeing a boost in productivity and sales.”

“Lightning is the future of the Salesforce platform.”

Maybe you haven’t moved yet because you have a highly customized SFDC implementation, and you’re worried about your app's speed.

Perhaps your reporting would need to be re-customized, or your production environment would need to be changed or upgraded.

It could be that getting users up to speed on the new Lightning UI is daunting, or you have processes that work in Classic — even if they don’t work well — and the thought of having to move those keeps you awake at night.

Perhaps your implementation is only moderately complex, but there is no time or resources to rework what isn’t broken.

Whatever the reason is, you haven’t moved from Classic to Lightning, despite all of the great reasons that Salesforce gives for migrating:

  • New features and innovations
  • Improved productivity
  • A dwindling list of AppExchange partners offering Classic apps
  • An improved and more powerful UI
  • Increased ROI
  • Better customer experience

All this, plus a looming end of Salesforce’s support date that, while it hasn’t been announced, you know is somewhere on the horizon.

Milk Salesforce Classic for as Long as Possible

When asked, you might be ready with a set of reasons why now is just not the right time to migrate off of Salesforce Classic. Your procrastination seems grounded in sound reasoning:

  • You can’t migrate right now; you don’t have the resources available
  • There’s no time to get a migration done
  • You don’t have the knowledge or experience to complete the migration cleanly
  • Your company is still married to Internet Explorer, which isn’t supported
  • You’ve got integrations that will need to be refactored.

Whatever the reason, you continue to put it off, waiting until Salesforce tells you there is no longer a choice.

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“Most organizations haven't made the move to Lightning due to a lack of resources, integrations that need to be refactored, or customizations that could affect their performance.”

  • Michael R
  • Sr. Salesforce Engineer
  • Six Consulting, Inc.

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