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Salesforce Lightning Migrations Planning Considerations

Feb 18, 2021 Michael R

Non-technical hurdles such as training, adoption, integrations can be as complex as technical issues for some companies wanting to migrate but unable to do so. Learn more about how to resolve these issues.

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As the demos and playbooks for the Salesforce Spring Release ‘21 are rolling out, you might be looking longingly at the grass on the other side of the fence. Salesforce has stopped adding features to Classic, so if you’re still on it, you’re missing out on enhancements and innovations like:

  • Loyalty management for marketing
  • Distributed order management in commerce
  • Sales agreement enhancements in manufacturing
  • Enhancements to Einstein for consumer goods
  • Regulatory fee management and grants program management for public sector
  • B2B commerce toolkits
  • Mobile subscription management
  • Einstein recommendation builder
  • Improved app development tools
  • Tableau CRM updates 

And a whole lot more

It’s understandable that Salesforce would sideline Classic. The Lightning platform has been available since 2015, and the company has provided a host of resources to help smooth the transition to Lightning.

Companies that haven’t moved, though, have some legitimate challenges that they are facing. We discussed a few of these when we talked about the technical issues holding companies back from migrating to Salesforce Lightning, like managing significant customizations and performance concerns. 

The challenges, though, go beyond the technical. There are plenty of operational and logistical reasons why a company - maybe even your company - hasn’t yet migrated off of Salesforce Classic. In fact, these issues can be as complex as the technical roadblocks, and in some cases, even more so. 

Even when faced with a host of issues, it’s long past time to consider that your Salesforce implementation is living on borrowed time. The lack of updates is a sure sign. The time to plan your migration - and to overcome challenges like training, adoption, and other non-technical hurdles - is now. 

Doing so, however, requires that you understand and acknowledge the obstacles in your way.

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“There are plenty of complex operational and logistical reasons why a company would be hesitant to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning.”

  • Danny Y
  • Solutions Architect
  • Six Consulting, Inc.

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