Healthcare Industry Case Study: How we streamlined team communication and efficiency

Learn more about how we helped our client improve team communication with an integrated system.

The challenges our client was facing

South Jersey Healthcare is a non-profit healthcare organization that’s been delivering healthcare for over 100 years. With access to cutting-edge treatments, it's one of the preferred health care providers for millions of patients. However, their internal communication channels were still heavily dependent on emails, resulting in significant profit losses from unnecessary administrative expenses needed to organize data and execute projects. 

There was a serious difficulty in accessing real-time information for accurate decision making. Staff were also required to search through a number of non-connected systems to find critical information, leading to even greater administrative expenses.  

Our approach

It was important to first understand the hierarchy in the organization to ensure a smooth flow of information.

The communication channels and reporting processes needed to be much more intuitive to improve team communication and help the staff use real-time data & information to make better decisions. 

We also found that project turnaround times needed to be significantly reduced to reduce administrative costs.   

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The solution

We first looked at how information was being shared across the organization and identified the problem areas. Then we designed simpler, more intuitive systems that connected to all of their different data sources to make information accessible to everyone, allowing their staff to make more informed decisions. Employee collaboration and productivity across teams located at different locations increased sharply as well!   

Today, South Jersey Healthcare has a modern, super-efficient collaborative system that enables people to access information when they need it. Real-time reporting makes forecasting a lot simpler too! Project turnaround times and the cost of document management have also dropped by more than 30%. Our continued collaboration with South Jersey Healthcare ensures that their system stays flexible and can scale to meet their growing needs.

In a nutshell

  • Client:
    South Jersey Healthcare
  • Project:
    Building An Integrated Communication System
  • Duration:
    6 months
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increase in efficiency

“With a holistic, integrated approach, it's very possible to reduce turnaround time and increase productivity in the healthcare industry.”

  • Danny
  • Lead Technical Architect
  • Six Consulting

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